We have four legal departments that provide and offer a wide range of professional legal services as listed below.
Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution Department

1. Civil Litigation – Corporate Litigation, Intellectual Property Litigation, Judicial Review, Hire Purchase, Divorcing and Custodian Matters, Goods Sold and Delivered, Late Delivery of Vacant Possession, Debt Collection

2. Criminal Litigation – Arrest, Assault, Bail, Theft, Drug Related Offenses

3. Letter of Administration & Probate Disputes

4. Tort – Damages, Death, Personal Injuries, Accidents

5. Execution Proceedings

6. Bankruptcy, Winding-up, Specific Performance, Seizure & Sale, Judgement Debtor Summons, Injunction

7. Pre-trial Strategy

8. Risk Evaluation, Debt Reconstruction and Restructuring

9. Employment Matters and Industrial Relations Matters

10. Family – Adoption, Custody, Guardianship, Maintenance, Deeds of Family Arrangements

Conveyancing & Estate Planning Department

1. Sales & Purchase of Commercial, Residential and Industrial Properties

2. Sales & Purchase of Assets and Shares

3. Loans & Refinancing Documentation

4. Tenancy Agreements

Corporate, Intellectual Properties & Advisory Department

1. Franchising

2. Copyrights

3. Trademark and Industrial Designs

4. Joint Venture Agreements

5. Partnership & Shareholders Agreements

6. Shipping Law

7. Securities and Company Law

8. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Law

9. Consultancy Agreements

10. Building and Construction Agreements

11. Corporate Secretarial Services

12. Corporate Restructuring & Disputes

13. Procurement of Work Permit for Expatriates, Spouse Program, Malaysia My Second Home and Permanent Residency

14. Advisory – Drafting of Correspondence, Vetting of Agreements and Documents, Schemes of Arrangements and Restructuring.

15. Succession – Will Writing, Probate, Power of Attorney, Deed of Trust

Retainer Department

1. Acting as panel solicitors for local and foreign companies on annual basis to advise the company clients on the legal aspects related to their daily operations which include but not limited to taxation matters, corporate matters, debt recoveries matters and employment matters.

2. Vetting the draft agreements furnished by our company clients to us before they enter into any transaction to ensure that the best interest of the company clients can be protected.

3. Drafting notice of demands against the debtors of company clients for collecting the debts as well as ensuring the liquidity of our company clients.

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